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Betting Odds in Tiger Woods Favor To Win First Major This Year

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Tiger Woods is already the best golfer of an entire generation and is arguably the best golfer of all time, and that did not happen by accident.

Woods has not been shut out of the four major championships since 2004, and judging by his early play at the PGA championships, he does not plan on getting shut out this year.

Woods is the leader as day 2 comes to a close at Southern Hills, and if he can finish out his last four holes as the leader, the odds will be tilted heavily in his favor.

Tiger has never lost a major championship tournament when he heads into the weekend with at least a share of the lead, he is 7-0. His ability to bury the field when leading is uncanny, and should Woods head to Saturday with the lead, it could be all but over for his competition.

Greatness has just as much to do with attitude as it does with skill, and earlier this week Woods displayed some of that winning attitude by saying that even though he has won four tournaments this year, no year could be considered good without winning a major.

That attitude is what separates the good athletes from the best, they do not accept second place, and anything below the top championship in their sport, and they are disgusted.

Although Woods has not won a major yet this year, he has been far from disappointing from a normal humans standards. He finished 12th at the British Open, but in his other two majors, the Masters and U.S. Open, he finished 2nd.

Woods currently is sitting at -5 for the tournament.