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The right infrastructure is essential if you hope to support today's diversity of products, delivery channels and market segments. You need a complete front-end to back-end enterprise sales and service solution -- one that was developed exclusively for the financial services industry.

Existing client server products have proven to be too costly, too traffic-intensive and too inefficient in distributing work.

TouchPoint Enterprise Services™ overcomes these shortcomings with its browser-based architecture that introduces an enterprise services layer between the client workstation layer and the back-end data servers. The advantages are scalability, support for multiple delivery channels, streamlining of software maintenance, integration with existing systems, reduced development time and integration with computer telephony.

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Transaction management is critical when you consider the thousands of requests, messages and transactions being generated by branch and call center representatives, ATMs and IVR systems -- not to mention the growing amount of e-mail and Internet traffic. TouchPoint Enterprise Services supports BEA Tuxedo and WebSphere MQ, and all messages are formatted using industry standard XML. In addition, all interaction with the underlying message transport is isolated in a single framework, so there is a single business logic code base that runs across all platforms.

Scalability is also essential. TouchPoint Enterprise Services (TES) can be scaled up by adding higher-end hardware with more processors and also by scaling up the various TouchPoint components. The solution allows for multiple server configurations and the ability to scale out in a linear fashion. This ability is enhanced by TES's asynchronous messaging architecture, the stateless nature of its components, the frameworks and the underlying workload balancing provided by the message transport.

High availability is another crucial attribute. TouchPoint Enterprise Services (TES) achieves this with multiple instances of cluster queues. Recovery mechanisms are built in to accommodate situations where messages cannot be routed to a specific queue, and the message will be routed to other available queues.

TES's workflow management features allows financial institutions to manage the flow of work throughout the organization by defining the tasks and their steps, creating instances of the process, assisting users with updating the case through completion, and integrating the case status information with other modules.    top >

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A variety of solution offerings are built on the TouchPoint Enterprise Services architecture to help you enhance sales and service through all delivery channels, including: