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The TouchPoint suite is available in modules, allowing you to address your greatest needs first, then add more capabilities as needed. Modules include:

TouchPoint Sales™ - It's a fast-paced banking environment, and your staff can't sell without dynamic tools that support ever-changing products and customer behaviors. TouchPoint Sales helps them identify, track and close sales using fully automated account opening and fulfillment processes, sales and referral management capabilities and handy sales tools (product presentations, scripting, what-if calculators and rate and fee information)
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TouchPoint Marketer™ - If you suspect your marketing department's direct sales tactics haven't connected with your front line, you're probably right. With TouchPoint, you can deploy corporate marketing lists throughout your organization, modify them at the local level to address varying demographics, and track the success of each campaign. Built into TouchPoint is the ability for branches and relationship managers to record their strategies, tactics and lists so they can build on their successes and share them throughout the organization.
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TouchPoint Referrals - Your sales culture is gaining momentum, but without an easy way to create, route and track referrals, you're letting valuable opportunities slip through your fingers. TouchPoint Referrals improves sales effectiveness by allowing your representatives to originate referrals for all products, deploy them across all delivery channels and lines of business and track their status from start to finish. Pipeline tracking and reporting provides timely information to key stakeholders throughout the enterprise regarding the status of referral opportunities.

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TouchPoint Account Opening™ - Good news! The customer said yes to a new deposit account, and the process shifts from sales mode to account origination. TouchPoint automates the process by managing documentation and disclosures and routing tasks to appropriate areas. The result: a better experience for the customer, less time processing paperwork for the user, and more one-on-one time for the two to interact.

TouchPoint Loan Origination™ - More good news: The customer likes the idea of a loan. With TouchPoint, completing the application is simple, because it is pre-populated with existing information from customer databases. Processing of the loan is expedited, too, because TouchPoint interfaces directly with multiple underwriting systems, routes tasks to the right people and incorporates real-time decisioning. The result: improved customer satisfaction and lower processing costs.
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TouchPoint Service™ - The customer experience is always more positive when branch or call center reps can access all the right information immediately. By accessing just one screen, service representatives can seamlessly move from a customer-centric view (history, current relationships, work in progress and sales opportunities) to the account-specific details. Because the typical flow of work for most transactions is built right into the solution, the tasks necessary to complete a request are automatically routed throughout your organization. As a result, users can respond quickly to 80 percent of inquiries -- all from the initial screen. The result: satisfied customers and reduced costs.

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TouchPoint Teller™ - Now that the traditional role of the teller is blending with platform functions, it's more important than ever to handle monetary transactions with speed so your representatives can move on to more profitable activities. TouchPoint Teller minimizes the need for inputting data manually and provides hot keys for instantaneous navigation to external devices like MICR readers and currency counters. And even if connectivity is lost, tellers can continue to process transactions, print receipts and balance. TouchPoint Teller allow users perform routine monetary tasks; administer and maintain their cash drawers; maintain, administer and inquire about vault status; maintain and test the cash dispenser; and perform administrative functions associated with managing the teller system.
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TouchPoint E-mail™ - Increasingly, your customers want to do business with you electronically. As customer e-mails flow in, TouchPoint can help you get them under control. It categorizes and prioritizes the messages and routes them to the right place for handling. Further, it helps you track, store and learn from customer communications.

For confidential communications, such as account numbers and balance information, TouchPoint provides a secure messaging system. Messages are stored in a database and accessed through a secure session with a web browser. Thus sensitive information never travels through the Internet.

Finally, consumers are becoming more and more comfortable with online banking, but free-form e-mail requests often arrive with incomplete information, requiring individual attention that's costly and time-consuming. TouchPoint contains the Web forms you need to ensure that pertinent information is captured fully and accurately and that requests can be routed and fulfilled as automatically as possible.
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TouchPoint Pricing and Profitability™ - You expect your commercial account managers to have a good handle on who their most - and least - profitable customers are so they can effectively manage their portfolios. But with a disjointed, incomplete view of customer relationships, it's a guessing game. TouchPoint Pricing and Profitability provides a consolidated picture of each corporate customer's profitability information so your officers can plan growth strategies, cement premier relationships and optimize the profitability of each customer. Pricing tools help account managers competitively price deals without sacrificing profit margin quotas by providing "what-if" analysis capabilities that forecast profitability impact for proposed deals.